Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter App Reviews

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Used to be great but now?????

This game used to be one of my favorite games, but with that being said after months of dead servers and 2 server merges it is a completely different story now. I am in server with all Pay to win players that control the map. No one speaks English at all in my server with the exception of a few that have only been playing a little while. Asking for any support or help from snail customer service is a complete waste of time as they do nothing but give responses that are generic and unhelpful. So if your looking for a good pay to win game this is it but I am sure that I will find a better game to invest in and you can to.

Don’t download

I only put 5 star so maybe devs won’t try to hide or delete my comment. This game is massive play to win. Each new update gets worse. The new things they add are almost exclusively paid to get such as the growing list of mounts you CAN NOT get for free and these mounts are over powered. Balanced is NOT balanced. Classes are NOT balanced. And now stat builds are only about crit rate and crit damage as they out-way def stats 2:1. If your new you will not catch up to other players. Snail has turned this game into a DESPERATE money grab.

I lost all my memory and saves

This is a really good game indeed,but how come I log into my account and can’t find my server I tried all of them and my data is gone as if it never existed pleas restore it.


I love this game it’s super fun and I’m uber addicted 😛


The game deleted my game I had linked to my Facebook account and I wasted my money to have the creators delete my account for no reason

Data Erased

So I absolutely love Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter. BUT earlier today I logged into my snail account, and all of my mounts, armor, friends, guilds and my level had reset. I had spent almost one year on that account, and to see it be wiped away angers me. Developers if your reading this please fix this.

RIP Account

My account is gone... logged on a a couple minutes ago and gone.... my snail account is logged in and it’s still gone... RIP my Account AND the game from my device. Bye


Lit that worst game ever do not download it it’s a very glitchy game and you can’t even change you name only at level 5 that is just stupid with the first on you can changer it when ever not with this one and they don’t tell you anything when you first enter the game don’t download this game

Boring game with so many bugs

They have too many bug to fix but they ignore. Not much ppl play so it’s hard to do instances or else.


I love the game but I transfers to my new phone and I lost all of my progress

GREAT but...

It’s an amazing game and there is SO MUCH TO DO and so many cool mounts and pets but when u reach level 90 I feel like it goes down from there. I could only find one English speaking channel and it took a while but I already had a level 93 character and I didn’t know if it was possible to take that character and move it to a different channel. Help! Also, I was around level 86 ish and my main quest told me I had to be level 95 to continue the main quests. I have been working to get there and am at level 93, but this has taken me almost a year 😥. It’s a really amazing game though, and if your looking for a fun, beautifully crafted game to play, you’ll love this one! 🤗 Thank you! ❤️

Great game but it is hard to tame things

I sometimes can tame things when I am just pressing random buttons and I am happy with that but some other times I do what it says and I still do not get please fix it in the next update please thanks

He is awesome game


Dương sẹo


Game Play is Broken

The game is great until you reach level 90. Before 90 you can manually change your pvp status from all, guild, team, faction, peace, etc. you can CHOOSE to opt out if pvp. Once you reach level 90 that option goes away and even when set to peace mode other players that are not set to peace mode can attack and kill you. This combined with the small maps and the fact you’re limited on the amount of experience and gear you can attain per day means you will NEVER be able to catch up, let alone play on a level field with those players that pay real money to further their in game account. These pay to win players take delight in continually killing weaker players while the weaker players are questing. If you do not pay loads of real money for in game items, you will never stand a chance in this game and your weeks/months of grinding will still see you getting continually crushed by the pay to win players. Horrible system greatly entices you to spend money to catch up to the other spenders. A simple change of not forcing you into pvp at level 90 would greatly increase the quality of game play.

Life steal for assassins class

Such a really good game I love spend my time playing it . But We have notice the huge different between healers and dps classes. Dps classes can outdamage their heal and its absurd when they can heal 500+ every second ... I believe assassins should get life steal

Game is dead

As title states. This game was once a beautiful game to play. They continue to add servers ignoring the fact old servers are dead. We the people log on with maybe 10 players on at a time now. Path pvp maybe 4 show up total. All in all top spender is top champ like all games. Updates take about 5 months and there is always something wrong. It takes them well over 1 month or more to even fix it. Other pvp against servers now are even harder to get into because lack of players. Once again all that are left are spenders. World bosses now on fixed schedules which was a dumb move. Reset is late at night, if not logged on you can forget doing any cyclic quests. If you’re a new player good luck trying to find anyone to help you to a dungeon. Tournament pvp maybe five teams total show up and it a spender team, so no chance. To get any new mounts now or pets you will spend money. To upgrade certain gears your force to pvp, but as stated earlier good luck no one shows up anymore. The developers officially killed this once beautiful game. My recommendation is NOT TO INSTALL but find a brand new game just out.

Amazing game with 1 problem

Now I have to admit, everything about the game is outstanding and wonderful to look at but don't think you will get the phantom wolf when you first top up but If you want to support an amazing Dev team go a head. I'm still waiting to get my phantom wolf btw devs

Needs a way to get diamonds

I love the game but the one thing is the blue diamonds I can’t get you need to be able to get them because with out them you can’t use the store for them.

Awesome Game!

I think this game is amazing and deserves more because of all the hard work that the developers put into it. It is a great mmorpg that has all kinds of stuff, better then any other mmorpg that I’ve played on mobile. However, this game needs more players! The game is kind of dead and I know almost everyone on my server. This game has awesome graphics, and tons of things to do so please play it! I’d love to see some new faces.

Great game but really pay to win

So basically, it’s a pay to enjoy sort of game. Especially when you reached 70level mark. Also, the balance between different Characters is really off.

Previous review?

My reviews are disappearing and I don’t know if that means you’ve received them or not. Hopefully you got my last one. I want to add a few more suggestions. It would be nice to make it easier to teleport to friends. I can’t play this with a friend of mine because we have to travel forever just to find each other. Also please make it so that flying mounts can soar and dive and such. Just the one flight animation for every direction gets a little stiff. And maybe make it possible to land and walk with the flying mounts. It would be fun for roleplays. Also, the auto button. It’s kinda dull. All you have to do to play is press one button. I get that you’re trying to help new players but people can figure it out on their own. Although is might help to be able to teleport between areas better. That’s about it. Thank you for listening!

Taichi Panda 3

Can’t play so I can’t rate every time I log in players kill my character so I leave may as well not bother

Solid rpg

I’ve played troves of phone rpgs trying to find decent results. With pay to wins and energy systems ruining most, this game stands out. I hope to eventually be able to switch my controls more, specifically to move the jump button out of the way of the attack buttons. I also hope that the game becomes more difficult to nerf auto battling so that the game isn’t just played for us. I mean to kill basic enemies sure I understand, but I can reach level 50 with my eyes closed. Seriously.

King of darkness

This is a good game I like the updates but only thing I don’t like is once u get a certain level the grind is hard as hell to level up everything else is good I love the game in general

Beautiful Graphics

The game itself is really good. My suggestion is that the game developers should add more character creations such as hairstyles, costumes, companions, and different weapon designs.

Good classes

Finally good classes are out


Como bien saben esta clase de juego es bien apetecida en todo el mundo especialmente por los latinos ojalá en in futuro proximo añadan mad idiomas al juego principalmente el español


I love tai chi panda! There could be some improvements on graphics but other than that I love this game! I love how exciting it is to catch hard to get mounts and everything like that. Just recently caught a pheonix

All money

Don’t play if you don’t have cash. Ok game, PVP is forced at level 90.

Pay to win

If you don’t pay to win, then you stand no chance

Great game but some problems...

I absolutely love this game and ever since I set up the snail account it’s been fine... but I haven’t played this game for a while and I was lvl 78 and now I’m starting over from 0 I am kinda upset and don’t know how to get her back plz help

Game is really Sloppy

Everytime after a update something messes up the newest evolution age one it crashes iOS players everytime they try to log on.Another example of this is the update before that the mounts were impossible to access it’s like you guys are messing things up and not checking throughly.Also and you guys wait for the next big update to come out to fix that mistake and that takes like 5 months.Another thing is this game is way too Pay to win.I hope you get your stuff together I really enjoy the game but there’s a lot of problems with it.

Offline version please, also crashes

I played this game for a little while but the fact that its always online kinda deterred me from playing it :/ please consider a separate offline premium version (no ‘premium IAP unlock’) or port the offline version to Nintendo Switch or something, anything to end the constant internet connection (which we always don't have) EDIT: also it crashes when “downloading sound resources.” Now its even more unplayable.

Fun game

Playing with & collecting the various mounts is fun. Also really enjoy the different storylines that the Panda Alliance & Lion Empire have, because it gives each side a different feel.


Das Game ist gut aber Zeit den update geht das Spiel nicht mehr man fliegt bei quest Abgabe raus fix bitte.

Glitches and bugs

I’m sorry to report that the midnight instance is not working. It would load me in the instance, but then my game would restart. And it would not start up correctly until you load in again and leave manually. I wasted instance attempts and it denied me almost 60,000 XP. I would like u to look into this glitch and fix it. I also would like compensation for my struggles. Gamertag[CavARMY23]

Can’t log on

I updated the game this morning and not I can’t log on to my main character, all of the rest of them are fine except my assassin

Game cursh

Please help after I update my game I have issues game doesn’t work And i was on us server-16


Every time I’m riding my screen expands where I can not see the enemy that good. I tried to adjust but no help. Any suggestions?????

PVP addition

I feel as if the PVP portion of of the game is lackluster ,not to slander the game or its developers but I think there could be more to be added to PVP. My suggestions are that there should be a open area where players can go and fight without turning on the function to not fight(peace).


How can I make my own account just by pressing login please make sign up button

Addictive game

The graphics are amazing the characters are great and the whole game is amazing

Facebook share issues

I love this game but need the share and invite stuff fixed I'm running iOS 10 and I can't share or invite via Facebook please fix this

Too bullying in sail games

Don’t bother any sail games, waste your time

Bad Game support and unfair judgement

i have been this game for a fews month. i spend alot of money on it, all i get is bugged all the time. it seem like they cant fix it. they cant stop the people sell illegal diamond , so they blame all on player get the illegal diamond from the auction house. how can the player know which diamond from auction house legal or illegal. they have lack of skill as developer. i wouldn’t recommend any1 join this game

Issues since the update January 27 2018

Since this new update came all glitches and issues are happening in my server us s14 and our auction house closed the outfits are invisible the mounts to i been getting issues like failed to login or your server has been deleted or error 5011 and it's not me it's everyone in my server we have also problems with might some people in our server getting fake might and also instance level 60 theres a glitch you can bring the boss by phantom and kill it the shield wont go away we also have problems like lag during battle or something the update has ruined our experiences please fix I been getting disconnected every second also some peoples diamonds went missing during the update i heard people saying they lost more than 50 blue diamonds or even more some people lost their account and could not login to it anymore so please fix these issues and I also have another one the skins for the mounts their completely white we can't even see them like for thunder rage we can't see the skin so fix these problems and I will rate 5 stars thank you.

Save my account

Hi there I love playing this game it’s so much fun, but can u please make it so that whenever I go into a different server it would save transfer my previous account so I can continue to play without starting over. I just wanted to go into a specific server so I can friend my friend, but I have to start over in that specific server again so please. Please make it so that my account would still be there in another server so I don’t have to start over again.

My character is gone

I’ve played this game before and I deleted my data on it to start again but when the update came it wasn’t showing up on my AppStore so I offloaded the app and I still had all my data but when I went to get back to where I was I was at the pick a character screen I tried over and over restarting the game, offloading it again but it did the same thing and in system preferences it says I still have all my data. I was in server US 14 a level 55 an and my character name is Nebuu and my class was a rune mage I would have liked to give this game five stars it would be greatly appreciated if my character could be recovered

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