Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter App Reviews

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Connecting Error Solution!

If you have reconnecting issues after 2-3 minutes in the game, feat not for I have solved this mystery. It is not your internet so you can take a pat on the back. The real issue is because the server you are in is too full! You can tell by on the menu your circle next to server is red. Simply change servers to a green (normal) server and you are good to go. I’m not a developer, just a casual noob so yeah ;( but anyways I hope this helps you playing the game smooth and easy. Yay! ;D

Crashes on IPhone X

As soon as I start app it crashes

Amazing, but one thing:

It’s amazing, and there’s one or two things that should be added in: Another class, and gender pick. I would totally prefer this over Order and Chaos. This was an awesome game!

Does not work with iPhone X

Crashes right away.


Why did I even BUY this!? It is SOOOO stupid! I could throw up! I mean, sure it’s a fine game BUT SERIOUSLY!!?? I don’t think even my LITTLE BROTHER would want to play it!

I lost my progress

I logged on in the morning and got a dragon. I was very happy to finally have one but when I recently logged on my progress was completely gone

Where is my progress !

Great game ! It's gorgeous I love it quiet a bit but my data keeps getting wiped out . I signed in with Facebook so I know it should be on the account but hello? Where did it go to? Black hole? Common I can't keep redoing all the missions. It gets boring.

Need an update ASAP!!

Please update and optimize it for the iPhone X! App crashes on me can’t even log in!

Characters op and world boss mounts and auction house

Hi great game but OMG characters are unbalanced. 2. MAKE it's easier to sell stuff I can't sell anything. For auction house. Also I put in your code I only have 4 blue diamonds make us get diamonds each day without paying. 3. world boss is ridiculous it's hard to get too many ppl imbalanced we should earn boss mounts from quests. Everyone this game is still new make it easier. 4. Emperor dragon: make all mounts easy to get and 100 Lvl dragon. I understand phantom wolf is a top up. 5. every time I play 20 min it crashes takes me to home screen. 5. Turn down graphics too high even if I lower it. Too laggy. Add water and night like dragon revolt make graphics like dragon revolt. Takes up battery too much overheats devices. Not all of us have Facebook we should get emails about rewards also. Fair and square. How come only China server has Assassian class when will we get it. And class change? And faction change again? And as healers level up past 120 don't there dp gets worse same with priest and mages and ice mage get stronger? Make archers heal there is this rpg with archers they heal why archers weak. Plzzzzzzz make Phoenix and Pegasus easy to get i would do anything everyday all I get is gold from doing wb we all should earn it because we try hard and we support your game everyday 😰😰😰 its unfair and make us earn diamonds blue ones everyday 💎 about 50 earn and pay for them like in school of dragons

Would be fun

So good graphics and all, but few issues: 1. Poor controls, sometimes make you move in a different way than you are holding. 2. Leveling past 85 takes a week per level... doing all you can do. 3. Open world pvp. Huge downfall not having dedicated pvp areas. Getting camped by people, 15+levels makes the game no fun. Dropping this game till they can fix at least #3. Can’t even do my daily quests... in turn no leveling and progression...

Pay to play with no support for those who do

$99 for a mantis shrimp mount? That's a slap in the face, get less greedy.


App crashes at startup

Not working on iPhone X

The game will not load on the new phone. It immediately closes and can not log on at all!

iPhone X

Does not work for iPhone X, it keeps crashing at loading screen

Love it

I LOVE the game🤯🤯 It’s a really cool and good game

Love the game

I love the game! Seriously! Please update the game to be compatible with the iPhone X!!! I can’t play it since I’ve gotten my new phone!!!

Not so good

Cheaply made ***clunky controls &movement** no challenge whatsoever kill 10 here killed 20 there till five there no story & no challenge and no fun

Overall Top MMORG But Some Improvements

I am a level 104 rune mage by the name of Ultrixqt. I previously wrote a review saying that this is a beautiful MMORPG. But there is one MAJOR downside. There are only 3 gear appearances per class. So when you equip a new chestpiece it changes the look of all of your armor. And it is the same 3 appearances repeatedly. It blows my mind that they don’t show what each individual piece of armor looks like on the character. Please add this. I and everyone else are getting sick of the same appearances repeatedly.

Non-stop crashing

I can't play the game, every time I go on it crashes. And the I can't see the videos of the story line cause it crashes, so idk what's going on, but I can't even play and enjoy the game. Fix immediately if possible.

Doesn’t let me log back on

Graphics are amazing, but when I try to log back on it doesn’t let me. And makes me restart.

Can you add a function??

Can you please add the function to delete characters

Cannot login

Every time I try to login to the game, it plays the intro, but just goes to a white screen after that AND WILL NOT LOAD.The developers probably won't even answer me or fix the problem. 😤

This game is beautiful

Thought out the game play is very nice and smooth but what I don’t really like about is is if you want to make a new character and you can’t delete the ones you made makes it harder for the community of players to pick and delete which characters they want but over all the game is marvelous I think next update you guys should make an option to delete characters to free up so we can add more or less and I think everyone agrees with me that it would be a nice update to have:)

Good, but..

You can’t choose your race or gender. After lvl 80 dungeons require diamonds to bid on the gear, witch is a little pay to win I think. The game needs a gold economy. More wardrobe items/ costume stuff would be cool. Fix afk mode to not attack other players while farming. This is all I can think of at the moment.

Game not working

Since I got the iPhone X it I can’t play it

Doesn’t work on iPhone X

App doesn’t work on iPhone X. Quits right after launching.

Great game but I have something to say

I got my player at level 79 almost 80 My cousin was playing so I wanted to join him, when I saw the server he was on I joined, but when I got on it deleted all my data and I lost my level 79 player I lost it all... my chaos dragons, my sabers, my 3 mutated wolf, it had all three mutations and it's gone, I worked my butt off for this and it's gone, please try to fix and if you can bring back my account player for me... Personally I love this game but now, I hate it because I lost everything I worked so hard for, From: PoppyCutten, that was my players name

Won’t open on iPhone x

I would like to see how this game plays seeing all the reviews but it will not open for me.


It's back to 5 because I've found my character! Thank you soo much for providing us with fun and beautiful graphics. I feel bad for taking my own mistakes on you guys!

Great game so far

One complain I had is the camera view. It zoom in too close to your character barely see anything while going forward (in instance quest for ex). That all I have so far. Please make it so we can actually see the whole character and the front view please.


Loved this game for the first few days of playing. But now whenever I get on mount (bear, wolf, etc) the screen zooms all the way into my character and I can't see anything or even zoom out. Anyone having this issue? I'd love to keep playing but it's pointless with this happening.

Good game

Good game

Twice missing purchases

First time I purchased the monthly agreement nothing at all. Tried a second time and now I only receicve bound diamonds not the hunting ticket. Which is the only reason to purchased that package...

Would be 5 stars but...

Every time you log out it seems you lose all progress on your character and you must start all over. It’s frustrating and really takes away from the experience.

Not saving

Wasted 2 hrs playing game in two different sittings. Exited game. Came back in at level 1. Make saving more logical. I linked an account too

Overall pretty good

I like the game itself, the story, combat system and classes. I also really like the fact that it’s not heavy on the p2w. I feel like I could spend nothing and be in the top 10. Unlike other mmo

First impressions

First impressions make a big impact on me. If I don’t like the way the game is at the start, I don’t usually give them a chance. This one, however, never disappoints. Amazing graphics for a phone game. This is what I’ve been looking for.

Learn To Expand.

All your games are the same. You are also only money hungry and your games are strictly pay to win. And you are also so stupid and don’t pay attention when someone has hacked your game or used plug ins. And players file reports nothing is done to that player when they have clearly stated that they do in fact use a plug in. Fix your games. Make something different every game Snail makes is the same. Awful games and Awful Company

Amazing Mobile Concept

Amazing game I’m so excited to get into it. It has THE BEST graphics ive played on mobile. It’s set between two factions, who war between each other, you get to chose at the beginning. PvP is amazing. Just everything about it deserves 5 Sara hands down. Download Right Now!!!

MFi controller?

Do you support MFi controllers?

Pretty good game

Everything about this game is god the only thing I find about the game is it’s AI difficulty. When I’m playing as my character doing quests it doesn’t seem I’m losing health it doesn’t give me a adrenaline rush like from the last game. Overall the games good but I would like to see it being more difficult.👍


I have waited practically all day for my game to load and it still has not. 😡


I'm a lvl 53 and I have the phantom wolf and I love my mounts this game is just the spirit

Love !

This game is awesome. Open world, PVP, raids and everything you can ask for in a RPG

So far this is looking the best out of its genre

I’ve just started but already falling in love with this game. I’ve noticed other people having problems with the auto pathing system and I’d like to suggest another system. Instead/ along with, the auto pathing system, you should let the player choose between that system and one where it directions instead where to go(like arrows) so the player can freely move there on their own. Or if preferred then changed to auto pathing for people unfamiliarized with this kind of massive maps.

Stuck on “connecting”

Right when i open the app it says “connecting” and never loads

5 stars wish it could be 10

Updated review after dev reply. Guess I didn’t quite understand building Might versus gaining levels is the important part of this game. So I started playing a few days ago. Reached level 48 and the leveling really slowed down. Ok fair enough, I got this far for free and I’m enjoying the game. So I buy a season pass for $19.99 which gives you a 50% monster killing bonus. Also buy a double xp consumable with diamonds. Soon I’m back leveling. However when I reach level 51 and about 1/4 I get the message “You have gained all the xp you can today”. I started around level 31 earlier in the day I think. What the heck is this daily limit on xp about?? I’m enjoying your game, spent $20 and had planned on playing late int the night. Now it’s pointless. Can someone please explain? Otherwise I love the game world and questing. Daily xp cap reached so I guess I’ll play CoL rest of the night.

So I started earlier today

I reached level 34 and had to kill some monsters in enemy territory. I went into a dual I believe it glitch and then I reloaded the app and continued playing. My character is gone completely.


It's good, but can you please remove the gender locked classes

Can you simplify?

By Simplify I mean make it more simple to create another character cause I can’t create another one it’s too hard 😂

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